The city of Agra in India, is home to one of the "seven wonders" of the world, The Taj Mahal.  The rug and carpet renaissance of the 19th century played an important role in Agra as growing demand for fine decorative rugs and carpets were being produced by European rug manufacturers.  The plan to put prisoners to work made Agra a major center for manufacturing rugs and coining the nickname “Jailhouse Agra’s”.  The city of Amritsar is located in the northwestern region of India in Punjab.  In the 19th century, after the rise of British supremacy in India,  Amritsar became a major center of carpet weaving and manufacturing.  A wide diversity of influences including those of Persia, Central Asia, Russia and Europe are reflected in these masterly designed rugs and carpets.  Some of the most highly prized decorative carpets were made in sizes ranging from small to mansion.

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