Located in northwest Persia, Tabriz carpets are recognized for their high quality craftsmanship paired with intricate design execution and stunning interpretations of color.  The rug renaissance of the 19th century played an important role in the city of Tabriz, where merchants began to establish highly skilled manufacturing centers capable of keeping up with growing western demand.  Masterweaver Hadji Jalili is the most famous maker of decorative Tabriz carpets, bearing no signature, they are identified by their specific high quality weaving technique and breathtaking color combination.  Antique Tabriz carpets are among the most sought after in the decorative world and have been made in sizes ranging from small to mansion.

ANTIQUE TABRIZ 10'9" x 13'6"
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ANTIQUE TABRIZ 9'8" x 13'5"
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ANTIQUE TABRIZ 7'10" x 10'8"
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